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Webinar: California Board of Pharmacy LIVE Q&A on ePedigree and Serialization

Interactive Q&A with Virginia Herold of the California Board of Pharmacy on ePedigree and Serialization compliance questions

Uncertain about CA ePedigree requirements?

What questions on ePedigree and Serialization compliance would you ask the CA Board of Pharmacy if you had the chance?

Virginia Herold, Exec. Dir., California Board of Pharmacy, will answer your pressing questions for Jan 1 2015 and beyond.

Submit your questions and we will pose them to Virginia!

Find out answers to key issues like:

  • Who creates ePedigrees in "pure buy" CMO relationships?
  • What must the PharmaCo do with ePedigree data on 1/1/15?
  • What are the 3PL requirements for ePedigree data mgmt?
  • How exactly should the 50 percent of products be calculated?
  • Where does the ePedigree start for global mfg. products?
  • How should "grandfathered" products be documented?
  • How will inference be handled across the supply chain?
  • If non-compliant products are received, what should a distributor do?
  • What are the penalties on Jan 1, 2015 for shipping non-compliant drugs?

Ensure the drugs you own, the pharmaceuticals you manufacture for Life Sciences companies or the products you distribute will meet the upcoming Jan 1, 2015 and beyond ePedigree and serialization deadlines!

On-Demand Replay!

Date (orig):   March 20, 2013
Time:   1pm EDT, (GMT-04:00)
Length:   1 hour
     Virginia Herold, CA Board of Pharmacy

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