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Webinar: China Track and Trace - Serialization and Reporting Compliance

China's phased deadlines for drug serialization and transaction reporting rolled out in 2013. What's required, what did we learn and how should you prepare for China 2015 and beyond.

Reduce Risk and Ensure Network Compliance

In 2013, deadlines passed for serialization and reporting of drugs on the China 2009 National Essential Drug Lists. In 2014, drugs on the 2012 NEDL are covered and by 2015, all pharmaceuticals require serialization and compliance reporting.

Ready for deployment at scale? Clear on unique China issues?

This educational webinar will detail the regulatory requirements, IT/operational considerations and customer learnings based on recent commercial deployments to help you reduce risk and improve agility in meeting China deadlines.

Key insights from this webinar include:

  • China serialization and reporting timelines (current, pending)
  • PharmaCo, CMO/CPO and supply chain requirements
  • China registration, serial number acquisition and management
  • Network serialization data exchange, aggregation support, event management and transaction reporting requirements
  • Key considerations for building a unified China / global track and trace IT architecture
  • Steps to build an agile network compliance platform for China and other global track and trace regulations
  • TraceLink's harmonized solution for end-to-end China compliance

Ensure your business has the agile, scalable track and trace strategy and supporting IT architecture to meet China, US DQSA, Argentina, Brazil and other emerging requirements!

On-Demand Replay!

Date (orig):   Friday. Feb 28, 2014
Time:   11am EST, (GMT-05:00)
Length:   1 hour including Q&A
Session Leader:  
Brian Daleiden, TraceLink Inc.
Brian is VP Marketing at TraceLink
Lucy Deus, TraceLink Inc. (Q&A)
Lucy is VP Product Management at TraceLink

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