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Webinar: Pfizer and TraceLink Track and Trace Pilot Insights

Traceability Strategy, Serialization / Network EPCIS Architecture, Supply Chain Execution, Lessons Learned!

Ready for Global, US Traceability Compliance?

Making accurate investment plans for US and Global serialization, ePedigree, government reporting and track and trace mandates requires knowledge of the regulatory requirements, technologies, and implementation issues. What do you need to know?

Join Pfizer and TraceLink as we discuss detailed insights and lessons learned from track and trace pilots utilizing SAP ERP, internal serialization solutions, externally facing EPCIS application and end-to-end EPCIS management. Hear from:

  • Peggy Staver, Director, Product Integrity (Pfizer)
  • Barry Sommerville, Director, Global Market Logistics IT (Pfizer)
  • Lucy Deus, VP of Product Management (TraceLink)

NOTE: Since this webinar, Pfizer has significantly modified their global IT architecture based on new serialization control tower concepts. Dennis Even of Pfizer discussed the strategy and insights behind this evolution at TraceLink NEXUS '13. Contact us to learn more!

Key knowledge gained from this important event:

  • Business and regulatory context driving track and trace pilots
  • The track and trace pilot foundation - serialization approach and technical architecture
  • Network pilot goals and creating the pilot ecosystem
  • Lessons learned: architecture, data, integration, process
  • Current pilot outcomes and future US/global extensions
  • How to get started building your own pilot strategy

Don't miss this opportunity to learn the information you need to develop your own pilot program and prepare for your future investment plans!

Watch Streaming Replay!

Date:   Apr 24, 2012
Time:   2pm EDT, (GMT-04:00)
Length:   1 hour + Q&A
   Peggy Staver, Pfizer
   Barry Sommerville, Pfizer
   Lucy Deus, TraceLink

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