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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The commonly known BullWhip Effect in a forecast driven supply chain is caused by variations in demand driving greater buffer stock as we move up the supply chain. The amplification of supply is also referred to as a “butterfly effect”. The root causes stem from behavioral and operational miscues due to a lack of collaboration and information about products and processes across the supply chain. In order to eliminate the BullWhip Effect, we need to create a Predictable Supply Network which will enable rapid communication and coordination across the supply chain.

Supply Chain Bull Whip Effect

This is an opportunity for us to share and learn within the industry as we create a Predictable Supply Network. Working with you we will transform the supply chain into a network of highly-integrated partners executing shared business processes and collaborating continuously to achieve greater levels of business performance. We can build the network ten times faster and at one-tenth the cost of current solutions.

In order to meet these objectives we need to not only apply our knowledge of supply chain processes and information, but we also need to learn from other solution providers that transformed their industries. Here we will discuss and apply lessons from Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn combined with in-depth analysis of challenges in distribution, manufacturing and outsourcing. Individual contributors, executive managers and business leaders will be able to understand, challenge and propose ideas that change the way we think about solving supply chain problems of excess inventory, long cycle-times, limited capacity, consumer safety, product security, forecast accuracy and overall lack of visibility.

Together we will transform the supply chain. No BullWhip!

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