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Accelerate Deviation Event Closure

Improve Visibility, Accelerate Deviation Event Closure with TraceLink Quality Review

Life Science companies and their CMO/CPO contract partners face significant challenges in ensuring supply, capacity and quality in today's outsourced production environment. The pressure grows when unexpected production process or product quality issues are identified during the batch quality review process.

In this short video, we demonstrate how the TraceLink Quality Review solution can help you reduce time-to-closure for deviation events by 25%, eliminate manual labor by over 30% and gain detailed status visibility across the entire quality review process - with every partner. With Quality Review, virtual quality teams can quickly initiate, analyze and close a deviation event: 

  • Manage the entire deviation event review lifecycle in a secure, shared collaboration workspace
  • Improve visibility across the review process into actions taken and issues awaiting resolution
  • Improve access to documentation, comments and questions for all quality, supply chain, tech ops and other teams
  • Reduce time and work by eliminating status emails, phone calls and manual data management
  • Ensure alignment between pharmaceutical company and contract partner quality teams

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