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Integrate-once, interoperate-with-everyone in your global business network using your preferred integration method and data format.

Integrate Once and Connect to All Business Partners

  • Single point of integration links you to your entire business network
  • Connect your business system using your preferred integration method and data format
  • Connect your SAP system directly and eliminate IDoc reconfiguration
  • Quickly integrate B2B transactions using non-XML EDI format adapters for ANSI X12 and EDIFACT
  • Share CSV-based information for maximum flexibility
  • Integrate using the B2B transfer method that you want from AS2 to FTPs
  • Point-and-click information upload/download as needed

Only One Data Connection for Exchanging Data with All Partners

  • Single integration point connects you to the TraceLink Network and all supply chain participants
  • Single integration point for your partners ensures they are quickly on-ramped
  • AS2, sFTP and FTPs data transfer options

Easily Administer Users, Information Exchange and Subscriptions

  • Manage ProcessLink workspace ownership and administration
  • Manage shared corporate information
  • Administer users, user status and rights

Single Console for Managing Information Exchange with All Partners

  • Configure information adapter settings for each ProcessLink workspace
  • Monitor B2B file exchanges
  • View transaction results and analyze exceptions
  • Resend or reprocess transactions if needed
  • View and export files for offline needs

Centrally Monitor and Optimize Benefits for Your Supply Chain

  • Monitor ProcessLink workspace usage
  • Analyze business process module usage
  • Review and modify business process subscriptions

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