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Integrated and Collaborative Supply Network Solutions

Today’s global supply network, with hundreds of supply, production and distribution relationships managed through phone, FAX and email, can be like looking into a black hole. You lack visibility, precise and timely data, and coordination across globally distributed supply network teams.

To ensure predictable on-time, in-full delivery of product globally you need:

  • Virtual team collaboration across supply planning, production execution and product distribution
  • Complete information integration and coordination across all external partners (Life Science companies, CMOs/CPOs, API/material suppliers, 3PLs/distribution partners, Contract laboratories) and non-integrated internal sites

Solution Vision

The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud enables end-to-end visibility and collaboration across the supply network:

  • Real-time information exchange to improve decision-making in planning and execution
  • Data and events mapped directly into internal ERP systems from all network partners
  • Point and click team collaboration ensures a common view on supply activities and improves response
  • Automatically calculated, real-time KPIs help identify performance trends and improves contract compliance

TraceLink Solutions

Life Science companies and their trading partners can protect patient safety and secure revenue streams while ensuring regulatory compliance across a diverse set of geographic requirements and trade channel mandates:

  • InfoExchange: “Integrate-once, interoperate-with-everyone” system to system transaction and information mapping
  • Integrated business processes: Visibility across the production/delivery lifecycle (forecasting, planning, production, quality, distribution)
  • ProcessLink: Point-and-click collaborative team workspaces with KPI dashboards providing real-time visibility into per-partner and cross-supply network performance

Business Impact

  • Maximize on-time, in-full supply performance
  • Increase free working capital by reducing inventory through greater visibility and precise reconciliation of inventory balances
  • Increase sales by avoiding product stockouts and ensuring supply coordinates with demand
  • Increase operating profits by eliminating non-value-add manual data entry/management and improved resource utilization
  • Improve contract compliance and reduce risk through better monitoring of external partner performance

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