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Complete US DQSA/DSCSA Product Tracing and Verification compliance for Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, Repackagers and Pharmacies. Create, manage, share and analyze transaction data for lot-level and serialized products.

DSCSA (DQSA Title II) Transaction History Management System - Lot and Serialized

  • Integrated DSCSA Tracing, Verification, Serialization support
  • Transaction History, Transaction Information and Transaction Statement management across all trade variations
  • Full verification and investigation platform with flexible query interface
  • Interoperable data exchange (HDMA ASN, GS1 EPCIS, secure portals)
  • Full connectivity to all trade partners with a single Life Science Cloud link
  • Extensive operational use case and enterprise integration capabilities
  • Full 6 year secure online record retention and data retrieval support
  • Full exception management

Track and Trace Products with EPCIS Event Exchange and ePedigree

  • Improve supply chain security by tracking product movement from manufacture to dispensation
  • Use network-facing EPCIS to exchange events between ERPs and serialization systems
  • Enable secure access to event data at any point in the supply chain for you and your supply partners

Manage and Track Serialized Product Transactions

  • Securely capture and exchange Commissioning, Aggregation, Shipping, Receiving and other EPCIS events with supply chain partners
  • Capture product movement, change of ownership and business transaction events throughout the supply chain
  • Use flexible integration options between your serialization systems with TraceLink while maintaining standard EPCIS compilance

View Serialized Events as Business Transactions

  • Search and report based upon business step, company GLN, serial number, data range and other data
  • View all EPCIS messages exchanged and related detail in a consolidated dashboard
  • View transaction detail, product information and aggregation hierarchies

Use GS1 Standards to Maximize Global Interoperability

  • Improve supply chain event sharing and interoperability with support for the EPCIS standard
  • Ensure smooth product shipment and receipt with standard SGTIN and SSCC serialized identifiers
  • Support common company and location identification with standard GLN identifiers
  • Support asset tracking standardization by using GRAI and GIAI
  • Gain flexibility with support for non-standard or gov't specified product and location identifiers

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