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US DQSA/DSCSA Product Tracing and Verification compliance for Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, Repackagers and Pharmacies. We ensure Jan 1, 2015 compliance for you and complete DSCSA data exchange with all your supply partners.

DSCSA Transaction History Management System - Lot and Serialized

  • Integrated DSCSA Tracing, Verification, Serialization support
  • One connection, full DSCSA data exchange with all supply/trade partners
  • Flexible TH/TI/TS connection though HDMA ASN, GS1 EPCIS, web portals
  • Integrated Request for Information and Verification with flexible query interface
  • Built-in support for direct purchase, non-direct purchase, repack product
  • Operational support for receiving, putaway, pick-pack-ship, drop ship
  • Full 6 year secure online record retention and data retrieval support
  • Full exception management and audit trailing

Transaction History Management

  • Full TH management for product across all transactions
  • Direct purchase, non-direct purchase, repack support
  • Full query interface to view shipments and individual transactions
  • Customization of Transaction Statement for partner requirements

Track and Trace Products with EPCIS Event Exchange and ePedigree

  • Improve supply chain security by tracking product movement from manufacture to dispensation
  • Use network-facing EPCIS to exchange events between ERPs and serialization systems
  • Enable secure access to event data at any point in the supply chain for you and your supply partners

Manage and Track Serialized Product Transactions

  • Securely capture and exchange Commissioning, Aggregation, Shipping, Receiving and other EPCIS events with supply chain partners
  • Capture product movement, change of ownership and business transaction events throughout the supply chain
  • Use flexible integration options between your serialization systems with TraceLink while maintaining standard EPCIS compilance

View Serialized Events as Business Transactions

  • Search and report based upon business step, company GLN, serial number, data range and other data
  • View all EPCIS messages exchanged and related detail in a consolidated dashboard
  • View transaction detail, product information and aggregation hierarchies

Use GS1 Standards to Maximize Global Interoperability

  • Improve supply chain event sharing and interoperability with support for the EPCIS standard
  • Ensure smooth product shipment and receipt with standard SGTIN and SSCC serialized identifiers
  • Support common company and location identification with standard GLN identifiers
  • Support asset tracking standardization by using GRAI and GIAI
  • Gain flexibility with support for non-standard or gov't specified product and location identifiers

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