Protect Patients Enable Health

Our Story

Vision, Mission and Values

We take seriously our commitments to our customers, partners and fellow employees. As part of this, we would like to share with you our core vision, our mission in delivering on that vision and the values that we hold dear.

Our Vision

TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud

Our Mission

Protect Patients and Enable Health Across Global Life Sciences from Ingredient to Patient.

Our Values

People are intrinsic to our business as passionate partners working for mutual success. We value and respect the goals and aspirations of employees, customers, shareholders and other partners to achieve our shared success.

Integrity is the bedrock of all interactions on all matters. We communicate honestly and openly with each other in order to maintain trust and enable all of us to achieve excellence.

Leadership with the audacity to drive industry-wide transformation enables us to create massive value. We strive to be experts, share our knowledge openly and collaborate fairly in order to generate change.

Innovation on real customer problems inspires us to build tomorrow's solutions today. We embrace the confluence of new paradigms and technologies that enable lasting transformational value.

Results on measurable goals are the objective assessments of our success. We say what we are going to do and do what we say in order to meet employees', customers', shareholders' and our partners' expectations.

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