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TraceLink Acquires SupplyScape

TraceLink Inc. has acquired SupplyScape corporation, providing TraceLink with a strong foundation of supply chain traceability solutions to meet the global track and trace needs of the full supply network.

In August of 2009, TraceLink was created by the original founders and leaders of SupplyScape, including Shabbir Dahod, Peter Spellman, Lucy Deus, John Kordash, Graham Clark, Peter Monahan and Brian Daleiden. Our goal was to expand the original vision of pharmaceutical supply chain traceability that we had at SupplyScape to encompass new business processes, new business segments and new business challenges.

A key part of the creation of TraceLink was the acquisition of SupplyScape Corporation, including its software products and technologies. This acquisition, including the original SupplyScape products E-Pedigree and RxAuthentication, form the foundation for our Product Tracking solutions and we continue to invest in these products.

Product Tracking, E-Pedigree and Serialization Solution Foundation

To review the solution capabilities of our Product Tracking solutions, please visit:

  • E-Pedigree - secure chain of custody and regulatory compliance solution for the pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Product Tracking and Authentication - serialized product authentication and tracking solution for the global supply network

To review how TraceLink is helping the global manufacturing and supply chain segment gain better predictability and performance through our new solutions for visibility and business process collaboration, please visit:

We look forward to serving you!

- The TraceLink Team

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