Protect Patients Enable Health

Tracelink Life Sciences Cloud

The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud protects patients, enables health, grows profits and ensures compliance across global Life Sciences. Through a single point and click connection to the Life Sciences Cloud, companies gain complete global connectivity, visibility and traceability for products and transactions from raw materials to patient.

The integrated virtual network created by the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud helps protect product integrity, ensure global track and trace compliance, improve external supply performance and cut operating costs through through shared visibility and complete collaboration across all supply, production and distribution processes with each and every partner in the supply network.


The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud enables access to and collaboration on the business transactions, data, events and activities occurring across the entire global supply network. Key capabilities include:

  • Integrated and Collaborative Supply Network: Gain real-time visibility across your entire supply network, create direct internal ERP integration to all business partners’ enterprise systems and enable virtual team collaboration on supply planning and execution.
  • External Quality Management & Oversight: Enable oversight and collaboration across external quality review processes and electronically capture and aggregate CAPA, LIMS and process quality data in a common format from all external supply partners and non-integrated internal production sites.
  • Agile S&OP Collaboration: Create team-based, cross-functional collaboration across supply relationships to share information, conduct analysis and make decisions on supply planning, production execution and channel distribution.
  • Inventory & Demand Forecast Visibility: Ensure precise, up-to-date inventory balance reconciliation with all external supply partners, enable integrated access to customer and channel demand information and improve visibility into current production status across all production sites.
  • Global Track and Trace: Minimize the risk, cost and time in meeting global serialization, US DQSA, government reporting and other track and trace compliance regulations for you and your network.
  • Direct to Patient Communication: Open a bi-directional communication channel with patients and pharmacists to enable mobile verification of product identity, improve access to regimen adherence and product information, and capture data on global authentication activity.

Your Benefit

The TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud helps you reach and serve global customers more profitably and with less risk by creating a highly visible, integrated and collaborative global supply network. We enable you to:

  • CEO: Reduce risk in maximizing your revenue growth from global markets and cost savings from global outsourcing.
  • CFO: Maximize free cash flow and minimize operational cost by improving efficiency across supply, production and distribution operations.
  • CIO: Maximize your ERP ROI by creating integrated connections to all external business partners and process transactions.
  • Supply Chain: Supply on-time, in-full every global market opportunity with visibility and predictability throughout production and distribution.
  • Manufacturing: Produce more products and batches on-time and in-full at lower cost.
  • Quality: Ensure right-first-time quality and compliance of produced product every time with traceability and accountability across the quality review process.
  • Finance: Increase free working capital, reduce expenses and lower compliance risk with more accurate, real-time inventory reconciliation.
  • Sales: Meet sales goals and customer expectations through greater visibility into channel inventory, supply plans and on-time delivery expectations.
  • Marketing: Expand market share and grow global market opportunities through improved demand visibility and product availability.
  • R&D: Improve time-to-market by integrating your research partners and processes with fewer errors.

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