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TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud

Each company can connect, integrate and collaborate with business partners on supply, production and distribution activities in their own way.

Connect and Collaborate with All Supply Chain Partners in the Shortest Time

  • Share real-time production and supply chain information with all supply network participants
  • Point and click connectivity to all supply chain partners
  • Access and integrate both large and small supply partners
  • Connect virtual teams from across organizational boundaries
  • Eliminate data re-keying, jumping from portal to portal
  • Maximize real-time data fed into enterprise systems such as SAP, SAP SNC, Oracle, etc.

Lowest Cost Integrations with Highest Value Generation

  • Single integration point to all participants on your supply network
  • Flexible integration adapters let you connect based on your preferred protocol (XML, EDI, CSV, SAP IDoc/SNC, etc)
  • Automatic data mapping between disparate enterprise system data types ensure you have access to data in your preferred format
  • Pre-integrated supply partners (Catalent, Patheon, Sharp, etc.) speed time-to-value

Eliminate Re-entering Information into Your Enterprise Systems

  • Jointly execute business processes across multiple supply chain partners
  • Instrumented business processes provide precise and timely information on execution and performance across the production lifecycle
  • Secure, shared process execution provides data and insight to all participants in the supply network
  • Process interconnection enables information flow across process and work team boundaries

Reduce Process Latencies, Ensure Shared Visibility Across Enterprises

  • Connect virtual team members from multiple organizations
  • Integrate work teams into precise and timely data flows from integrated business processes
  • Provide a shared view of production status and supply chain performance
  • Ensure supply network collaboration across all supply relationships

Deliver Business Value to All Your Supply Chain Partners

  • Integrate all supply chain participants, even “long-tail” partners with limited staff and technological capabilities
  • Ensure equal data access and common business processes across your network regardless of its diversity
  • Feed sales and operations planning (S&OP) with precise and timely network information

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